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Driver Improvement Program

Behind the Wheel Instruction with a Car.
*** Campbell's Driving School HIGHLY RECOMMENDS that ALL students complete the Behind the Wheel Instruction requirements of the drivers's education program, involving six hours of driving time with an instructor, no later than 18 weeks after the successful completion of the Classsroom Instruction part of the program.***

To register for a Drivers Education class please complete the registration form.

CLICK HERE to print a copy of the registration form.

*Registration forms can be picked up at the main office and/or the guidance office at Queen Anne's County High School.


Mail the registration form to:

Robert D. Campbell
212 Coleman Road
Sudlersville, MD 21668

Fax the registration form to:

Robert D. Campbell
(410) 758-0035

30 hours classroom and 6 hours behind the wheel: $405.00
* Additional remedial driving time requested will be billed at $50.00 per hour

Refund Policy
Students that withdraw from the driver's education program prior to completion are entitled to a prorated refund based on COMAR (A) according to the following schedule:

- Withdrawal prior to start of first class: 100% of fees paid
- Withdrawal after the start of the first class will be prorated for instruction not completed. For classroom instruction, this means the fee paid divided by 30 hours times each hour of classroom not completed. For behind the wheel instruction, this means the fees paid divided by 6 hours times each hour of behind the wheel instruction not completed.
- Classroom instructional hours = 30 hours
Cost of Classroom instruction = $130 / Prorated hourly = $4.33 per hour
- Behind the Wheel instruction hours = 6 hours
Cost of Behind the Wheel instruction = $275 / Prorated hourly = $45.83 per hour
- Refunds will be forwarded to the address of record within 15 days of the date that written notification of withdrawal is made. In addition to the monetary refund, students will receive documentation of any training that was completed on the appropriate Motor Vehicle Administration provided forms.


Procedures for a Complaint:
If you have any concerns or items that need to be addressed, please call or personally talk with your instructor in charge of your class. If you are not satisfied with the response or you need more clarification, please contact the owner at the above address and phone number. If you are still not satisfied with the response you receive, please contact the Department of Motor Vehicles at (800) 950-1682.